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Step 1

Prepare a max. 5-page design portfolio with the following guidelines:

Page 1:

Theme board and title of your collection (Please do not include your name on the cover)

Page 2 & 3:

Research/Development/suggested material page – Demonstrate and briefly explain how to apply your concept in your design and/or material.

Page 4:

Design outfit 1 with illustration and production sketches of all garment items with annotation of materials/design features/etc.

Page 5:

Design outfit 2 with illustration and production sketches of all garment items with annotation of materials/design features/etc.

Step 2

Fill in the application form.

Step 3

Save your portfolio in PDF format with maximum 10 MB and rename the file title in format: “FULL NAME_mobile number.pdf”, then upload onto the application form on or before 17 February 2023 at 11:59 p.m. Please note that you will NOT be able to amend your application including your portfolio once submitted. Any applications received after the competition deadline may not be accepted.

*All applicants could receive a coupon for a complementary drink at Vibes of The Mira Hong Kong*



  • 10 shortlisted finalists will be subsidized with HK$5,000 for garment production

  • The top 3 designers will receive HK$10,000 each

Redress will provide discarded second-hand clothing for shortlisted finalists as base materials to produce a creative series of upcycled fashion clothing.


Current students/ alumni (graduated in or after 2012) at undergraduate or post-graduate level from the School of Fashion and Textiles (former Institute of Textiles and Clothing), the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


Participant can only participate as an individual (group applications are not permitted).


Sustainability is becoming a more and more important issue for improving the future of our planet. From the production of raw materials through the product life cycle to the disposal of used fabrics, garment production, one of the human’s basic necessities, posts great impact on the environment.

It’s time for us to rethink what we can do to pursue a more sustainable development for fashion industry. However, a greener fashion industry does not mean to scarify our creativity. Exploring a way to satisfy both fashionable style and environmental friendliness is the new trend for the industry.

Leveraging the impressive milestone of its 65th anniversary, Miramar Group, one of the most stylish lifestyle brand in Hong Kong, takes the lead to show its advocacy to the sustainable development and environmental protection, and launch a brand-new platform, Mi Go Green, to promote “Stylish Living with a Green Touch”.

To activate the campaign, the Group joins hands with School of Fashion and Textiles of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, AiDLab and Redress to co-presents the Fashion The Future Design Competition. Current students and eligible alumni of the School of Fashion and Textiles of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University are  invited to transform textile waste into unique piece of upcycled clothing through creativity. Through the design and creating process, the competition allows the participants to acknowledge the importance of sustainability, in the hopes of inspiring them to include eco-friendly elements in their future design.


AiDLab will offer training workshop(s) and the Artificial Intelligence Based Fashion Design Assistant (AiDA) for the shortlisted finalists in making their prototypes during Mid March to May 2023.  



To  win, you must:

  • Design two ready-to-wear outfit sketches in menswear, or womenswear, or mixture of menswear and womenswear for your application using the below materials. (Finished outfits are not necessary at this stage)​

- At least 70% textile waste and/or textiles created from waste products in the whole collection

- Discarded second-hand clothing supported by Redress 

To learn more about textile sourcing,  you can refer to the Sourcing Textile Waste guide  from Redress.

  • Impress the judges. Upcycling is the key of the collection. Your designs will be scored in three categories: creativity and originality, overall appearance and upcycling concept. Judges will be looking for evidence of circular design thinking*, from sourcing the materials to pattern design as well as creation.


If you are successfully shortlisted to be a finalist, you must create those same two ready-to-wear sketches from the open application into finished physical garments for the Grand Final Fashion Show Competition.


The shortlisted finalists will be invited to join in the training workshop provided by AiDLab in Hong Kong Science Park and the Artificial Intelligence Based Fashion Design Assistant (AiDA) to refine your design before the production stage.


For Grand Final judging, the additional category of workmanship will be added when the judges can touch, feel and see your collection to assess your skills.

*Circular design strategies: Design for Low Waste, Design for Low-impact Materials and Processes, Design for Longevity and Design for Recyclability.


judging criteria

The judging panel will screen top 10 design finalists by the following criteria among the participants:

  • Creativity and originality

​Demonstrate strong, original design concepts and have the ability to translate the concept throughout the entire collection with consistency.

  • Upcycling concept​​

Demonstrate the overall understanding of sustainable fashion design through the application of circular design thinking and strategies.

  • Overall appearance

Demonstrate attractive style to the outfit design.

  • Workmanship (applicable to the grand final only)

Finalists must demonstrate that two physical outfits were made to the highest standard using suitable materials with quality finishing.

Announcement of finalis

Early March 2023

Training workshop from AiDLab

Mid March 2023


Outfits ready

 Late May to Early June 2023

Grand Final Fashion Show Competition

Mid July 2023

Fashion showcase at Mira Place               

Late July 2023

terms and conditions

  1. The personal information submitted by the participant shall be true and valid. Any false personal information will result in the disqualification of the participant.

  2. All works submitted by participants are original and should be created entirely by themselves. Each participant can submit only two outfits for the competition. None of their designs have been seen in public including on all forms of social media. Miramar Group assumes no liability for the work they have submitted, accusations of plagiarism, copyright issues, or any intellectual property rights issues related to the entries and work submitted by any third party. The admission of the participants will be terminated and any winning titles will be revoked.

  3. Applicants can be disqualified at any time for failing to meet the terms in application form and any other reasons determined by Miramar Group.

  4. The production allowance is calculated in 1 person.

  5. All decisions made by the judging panel and Miramar Group are final. Miramar Group’s employees and the judges will not enter into any disputes or discussions with participants on any matter relating to the judging process.

  6. The organizer, co-organizer, partners and judges of this competition may undertake media interviews and express their own views of the participants and their work during and after the Grand Final of the competition.

  7. Participants should strictly abide by the competition discipline and schedule. They will comply and observe the directions given by Miramar Group and will attend all events, trainings and media interviews arranged by Miramar Group including but not limited to pre-judging sessions, fashion show rehearsal, video filming sessions, online media interviews, the Grand Final Fashion Show Competition, the after party and other social engagements.

  8. Miramar Group has the right to publicize, publish and display all the participants’ designs. The designer owns the intellectual property rights of the design manuscripts, but without the consent of the organizer, the designer is not allowed to publicize and publish the final works.

  9. Miramar Group is free to use all of the works and photos submitted by the participants associated with their competition collections for promotion, marketing and for display purposes without any prior consent from the participants.

  10. Miramar Group has the right to retain and use the participants’ physical outfits and the digital outfit of their competition collection and may use them for appropriate promotional use after the competition, including but not limited to exhibitions, fashion shoots and general marketing. Participants will be credited for the design and creation of such outfits if and when their outfits are displayed after the competition’s completion.

  11. Miramar Group will not be held responsible for any damages or loss to their competition outfits suffered or incurred during and after the competition.

  12. Miramar Group reserves the right to change or cancel the scheduled date(s), prize(s), any or all of the terms and conditions without prior notice. In the event of dispute, Miramar Group reserves the right of final decision.


Deadline: 17 Feb 2023 (Friday) 11:59 p.m.


Dr CP Ho at

(Associate Professor, School of Fashion and Textile, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

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