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Thank you for your application!


3. Design  Concept 

Design concept of your collection (Not more than 200 words, in either Chinese or English) 

(such as inspiration, message, and how can you apply the design concept in your design or materials, etc.)

4. Portfolio Submission

Please save your file with subject "FULL NAME_mobile no.pdf". File not exceed 10MB

Upload File

5 . Declaration 

2. Education Status (Current Student or Alumni)


1. personal particulars

  • The personal information submitted by the participant shall be true and valid. Any false personal information will result in the disqualification of the participant.

  • All works submitted by participants are original and should be created entirely by themselves. Each participant can submit only two outfits for the competition. None of their designs have been seen in public including on all forms of social media. Miramar Group assumes no liability for the work they have submitted, accusations of plagiarism, copyright issues, or any intellectual property rights issues related to the entries and work submitted by any third party. The admission of the participants will be terminated and any winning titles will be revoked.

  • The production allowance is calculated in 1 person.

  • All decisions made by the judging panel and Miramar Group are final. Miramar Group’s employees and the judges will not enter into any disputes or discussions with participants on any matter relating to the judging process.

  • The organiser, co-organiser, partners and judges of this competition may undertake media interviews and express their own views of the participants and their work during and after the Grand Final of the competition.

  • Participants should strictly abide by the competition discipline and schedule. They will comply and observe the directions given by Miramar Group and will attend all events, trainings and media interviews arranged by Miramar Group including but not limited to pre-judging sessions, fashion show rehearsal, video filming sessions, online media interviews, the Grand Final Fashion Show Competition, the after party and other social engagements.

  • Miramar Group has the right to publicize, publish and display all the participants’ designs. The designer owns the intellectual property rights of the design manuscripts, but without the consent of the organizer, the designer is not allowed to publicize and publish the final works.

  • Miramar Group is free to use all of the works and photos submitted by the participants associated with their competition collections for promotion, marketing and for display purposes without any prior consent from the participants.

  • Miramar Group has the right to retain and use the participants’ physical outfits and the digital outfit of their competition collection and may use them for appropriate promotional use after the competition, including but not limited to exhibitions, fashion shoots and general marketing. Participants will be credited for the design and creation of such outfits if and when their outfits are displayed after the competition’s completion.

  • Miramar Group will not be held responsible for any damages or loss to their competition outfits suffered or incurred during and after the competition.

  • Miramar Group reserves the right to change or cancel the scheduled date(s), prize(s), any or all of the terms and conditions without prior notice. In the event of dispute, Miramar Group reserves the right of final decision.


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